Refrigerator & Pantry Makeover

Refrigerator & Pantry Makeover
$50.00 2 hours

Raiding the pantry and frig takes on a whole new meaning! If you were like me, I had NO IDEA what was really in the boxes, bags and cans of “food” I was purchasing at the store. I assumed if the FDA approved it, well it must be good. Wrong! In fact, the laundry list of ingredients that I tended to overlook was the very thing that was leading my family down a path of illness, fatigue and behavior issues. It was time for a Makeover!
During these two hours, I will meticulously go through your pantry and refrigerator and train you to be a food label detective. I will also assist you with “crowding out” those items that may seem difficult to eliminate and help you say good-bye to those products that have no business on your shelf. I am ready and willing to go at a pace that is comfortable for you and your family as you begin this journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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