One on One Grocery Store Tours

One on One Grocery Store Tours
$35.00 1.5 hours

How often do you go to the store to purchase one item but inevitably come out with two or more bags filled with items that you really don’t need! There is an art to grocery shopping, but the store makes it very difficult for the normal consumer to figure that out. From the minute you walk through those doors you are bombarded with exactly what they want you to purchase. You then find yourself walking through a maze of enticing products an alluring advertisements that somehow trigger your brain to think “you must have this.” Top that off with a big, blue eyed child in your cart and you are headed for a shopping disaster.
Grocery shopping should be a pleasant experience and something that should be well thought through. Think about the time and energy you put forth to purchase a piece of furniture or paint color for your home. Why do we do this? It’s because we will use and see that furniture or wall color every day. Shouldn’t we take the same consideration with our food choices? After all, you are purchasing the very thing that will impact you and your family’s body down to the cellular level. That is something that can’t be covered or sold at a yard sale.

Have no fear your shopping partner is here! We will learn the art of shopping the perimeter of the store, why the produce section is so much more then apples and bananas, and ways to purchase great local food outside the 4 walls of your city’s grocery store.

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