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"Therefore, honor God with your body"

What we choose to put in our bodies ultimately effects our health and wellness right down to the cellular level.  We truly “are what we eat!” However, with all the latest studies, nutrition can be so confusing making it a daily struggle to know and understand how to feed your family! So many of us carry bad habits from childhood, or have developed unhealthy eating habits as a way to combat or soothe our emotions. The good news is this……that can all change! You currently are holding the key to your health and the health of your family. You have the ability and responsibility to make an internal investment in the life God has given you.  What are you going to do with it? Let me support you through this journey.  Allow me to be you partner and I will support you each step of the way towards a new Healthier you!  Let’s get started on your family’s internal homework!

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Health Coaching
$95.00 includes a 60 min session, twice a month
It has become obvious that our current healthcare system is not in the business to get people healthy. More and more people are becoming dependent on their medications and undergo unnecessary operations as a final resort. Prescription costs are increasing, and doctors are spending very little time with their patients to understand the true, underlying cause of their illness. As a result, our health conditions are getting worse and unfortunately it is spreading to other countries as they adopt our poor eating habits and lifestyle. It is time for individuals to be educated and receive, honest advice on how to live a healthy, honored life.
I will be your guide as you strive to take responsibility for your health. Your coaching experience will be completely focused around you; your needs, goals and where you want to go with your health and life. It will be so much more then hearing advice to eat more fruits and vegetables, cut out junk food and implementing an exercise routine. You will learn how the primary foods our life, relationships, physical activity, career, and spirituality, play a crucial role in our health and well-being. Let’s get started on your internal homework!

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Group Coaching
$47.50 includes a 60-90 minute session, twice a month
Why? Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success!” There is something so powerful within a group of like- minded individuals working together to reach a common goal, not to mention a lot of fun in the process! This setting will be exciting, challenging and a way for each member to learn from one another where ever they are in their journey. How? You will leave each session with a new “tool” to empower you along the way to a healthier lifestyle. Not to mention a great support system to cheer and encourage you in your victories. You will have all the benefits of a one-on-one coaching session with a fantastic group of close-knit friends that will energize, motivate and most of all turn work into play! Register Now
Refrigerator & Pantry Makeover
$50.00 2 hours
Why? Raiding the pantry and frig takes on a whole new meaning! If you were like me, I had NO IDEA what was really in the boxes, bags and cans of “food” I was purchasing at the store. I assumed if the FDA approved it, well it must be good. Wrong! In fact, the laundry list of ingredients that I tended to overlook was the very thing that was leading my family down a path of illness, fatigue and behavior issues. It was time for a Makeover! How? During these two hours, I will meticulously go through your pantry and refrigerator and train you to be a food label detective. I will also assist you with “crowding out” those items that may seem difficult to eliminate and help you say good-bye to those products that have no business on your shelf. I am ready and willing to go at a pace that is comfortable for you and your family as you begin this journey to a healthier lifestyle. Register Now
One on One Grocery Store Tours
$35.00 1.5 hours
How often do you go to the store to purchase one item but inevitably come out with two or more bags filled with items that you really don’t need! There is an art to grocery shopping, but the store makes it very difficult for the normal consumer to figure that out. From the minute you walk through those doors you are bombarded with exactly what they want you to purchase. You then find yourself walking through a maze of enticing products an alluring advertisements that somehow trigger your brain to think “you must have this.” Top that off with a big, blue eyed child in your cart and you are headed for a shopping disaster.
Grocery shopping should be a pleasant experience and something that should be well thought through. Think about the time and energy you put forth to purchase a piece of furniture or paint color for your home. Why do we do this? It’s because we will use and see that furniture or wall color every day. Shouldn’t we take the same consideration with our food choices? After all, you are purchasing the very thing that will impact you and your family’s body down to the cellular level. That is something that can’t be covered or sold at a yard sale.
Have no fear your shopping partner is here! We will learn the art of shopping the perimeter of the store, why the produce section is so much more then apples and bananas, and ways to purchase great local food outside the 4 walls of your city’s grocery store.

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Monthly Meal Planning
Let’s face it, life is busy. No matter what we do it seems like no one week mirrors the week prior. This has often brought frustration to me as I attempt to provide healthy meals that my family will enjoy and I have time to prepare! I needed a battle plan because I wasn’t going to allow the business of this life to steal time with my family or resorting to take out on a regular basis. My weapons of war? Weekly menu board and communication.
No, you will not be eating salads every night. In fact, I have many recipes that will allow you to eat what your family is already enjoying but with a healthier spin…win, win! These plans can be catered to your schedule, dietary needs and your pocket book.

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Classes and Workshops
$5.00-$10.00/person price depends on content
Knowledge is wonderful but applying that knowledge is the only way to make a difference! There is so much to learn in the area of nutrition and health and sitting through a power point presentation is not going to encourage you to eat more fruits and veggies!
Each of my workshops will not only be informative but more importantly ENJOYABLE! Who says cooking has to be a drag and workshops are only limited to slides and information packets. Not here! This teacher, by trade, will be bring a whole new meaning to workshops through a hands-on learn by doing approach.

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